Basic Research in Modern Biology

The main thrust of this task force is to support projects aiming at generation of new knowledge which will lead to development of biotech based products.

The thrust areas for future research and development include :

  • Protein Engineering to generate novel useful products.

  • Biology of infectious agents and tropical  pathogens.

  • Cell surface and signal transaction.

  • Human genetics.

  • Microbial  technology.

  • Plant molecular Biology.

  • The task force reviews the programmes undertaken by the Department related to the area of Basic Research in Modern Biology. The composition of the task force is :




    Prof. P. Balaram
    Molecular Physics Unit,
    Indian Institute of Science,
    Bangalore -560 012



    Prof. Parul Chakrabarti
    Department of Chemistry,
    Bose Institute, 93/1 APC Road,
    Kolkata-700 009



    Prof. N.K. Mehra
    Transplant Immunology & Immunogenetics,
    All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
    Ansari Nagar,
    New Delhi    



    Dr. Murali Sastry
    Materials Chemistry Division,  
    National Chemical Laboratory, 
    Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, 
    Pune-411 008.   



    Dr. Dinkar M. Salunke 
    National Institute of Immunology,
    Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
    New Delhi - 110 007



    Prof. Anil K. Lala
    Biomembrane Labs
    Department of Chemistry and School of Biosciences and Bioengineering,
    Indian Institute of Technology,
    Mumbai-400 076



    Dr. P. Gunasekaran
    Prof. & Head
    Madurai Kamaraj University,
    Department of Genetics, School of Biological Sciences,
    Palkalai Nagar,



    Prof. S. Biswas 
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 
    Indian Institute of Technology,



    Dr. N. K. Singh
    Principal Scientist
    PI Indian Initiative for Rice Genome Sequencing (IIRGS)
    NRC Plant Biotechnology
    Indian Agricultual Research Institute
    New Delhi-110 012,


    Dr. Chetan Chitnis 
    International Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology,
    Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, 
    New Delhi - 110 067 



    Dr. J. Gowrishankar 
    Centre for DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics,
    ECIl Road,



    Dr. Amit Ghosh
    Institute of Microbial Technology,
    Chandigarh-160 036



    Dr. H. Garcha
    College of Basic Sciences, Punjab Agriculture University,

    Member Secretary

    Dr. Arvind Duggal
    Department of Biotechnology
    New Delhi- 110 003