Star college scheme for strengthening of life science
and biotechnology education and training at undergraduate level


1. Introduction:


DBT is   committed to the values of : i) Pursuit of excellence ; ii) Academic and intellectual freedom; iii) Creativity and innovation ; iv) Diversity; v) Cooperation and Communication & vi) accountability . DBT has, therefore,   launched a scheme for improving critical thinking and 'hands on' experimental work In the cutting edge-technologies needed for modern biological studies at undergraduate (college) level in life sciences. It is hoped that as a result of such experiences, more students will take up life science as a career.


DBT will identify colleges with ambition and potential for excellence and provide academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching and unique exposure of students to experimental science.


The colleges that successfully implement the strategy will be considered as life science 'Star Colleges'


2. Objectives :

3. Eligibility to qualify for star college:

4. Activities to be performed as part of star college:

 For  faculty

For students

5. Nature of financial assistance:

One time non recurring grant up to a maximum of   Rs. 10 lakhs for each science department (botany, zoology, microbiology, biochemistry, physics, chemistry) and recurring grant of Rs. 2 lakhs / year for consumables, Rs. 1 lakh/year for contingency to cover expenses on visiting faculty, guest lectures, seminars etc. for each department will be provided initially for a period of 2 years. continuation of support for another 3 years will be based on evaluation of performance.

6. Who can apply :

To apply, the college must be Government or Government aided, autonomous and among the top three life science undergraduate programmes in the city ( state).

7. How to apply :

15 copies of duly filled proforma forwarded through head of institute should be sent to DBT.

8. Mode of selection :

Applications will be invited through advertisement on DBT website, direct correspondence with potential colleges, nominations by vice chancellors etc. in a specified format. Consideration will be given to regional requirements, women's colleges, autonomous colleges etc. Applications will be screened by an expert committee and site visit, if required, will be undertaken to arrive at final decision. Decision of peer committee will be final.

9. How to measure success :

DBT will measure progress of star colleges by following parameters: